Delegate your Cardano (ADA)

Expected reward rate


Payment frequency

5% - 6%


Each cycle (~5 days)

Expected reward rate

5% — 6%



Frequency of payments

Each cycle (~5 days)

Validator address


About Cardano

Token Price

$ 3.32


$ 2,463,516,385

24h volume

$ 154,815,978

Cardano (ADA) is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain protocol that includes a dApp development platform, a registry supporting multiple assets and Smart Contracts

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How to delegate to SmartNode and receive your Cardano rewards (ADA)

Option 1

Delegate your wallet

Directly from your wallet / ledger, you just need to delegate your rights to the address indicated


Option 2

Easywallet is a point-of-sale and online crypto payment solution. You’ll soon be able to delegate your cryptocurrencies directly in the app!

Option 3

Zebitex is a French exchange that allows you to delegate your tokens directly on its platform

Cardano FAQ

Cardano (ADA) is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain protocol that includes a dApps development platform (under development), a registry supporting multiple assets and Smart Contracts (under development).


The associated cryptocurrency is called ‘ADA’ and is represented by the acronym ADA.

In reference to Ada Lovelace:

Staking is the activity of participating in securing a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain in exchange for rewards in the form of crypto-currencies.

The staking mechanism unveiled by Cardano has some specificities. Indeed, in addition to offering classic staking (where users block a part of their funds to validate transactions), Shelley introduces the concept of Stake pool.

Thus, a competent enough operator can set up a staking service and accept ADA from other users. This system of delegation allows non-skilled ADA holders to take part in the validation process, for a management fee defined by the operator.Shelley introduces the concept of a staking pool.

Yes, you can try to deploy a stake pool yourself or simply delegate rights to us. Note that to run your own stake pool, you need to be comfortable with the technology and be prepared to spend significant sums on equipment and maintenance, as well as commit to official operation.

Don’t forget that you need to keep an eye on the infrastructure 24/7.

You do not give up ownership of your ADAs by delegating them, you delegate your “Stake” rights. As a validator, SmartNode will never be able to touch your funds.

We earn 1% on the rewards received by our delegators. For example, if a delegator receives 100 ADA as a reward, SmartNode will receive 1 ADA while the delegate will receive 99 ADA.*

We offer one of the lowest fees for proven validators.

*(This amount does not take into account the capped fixed fee in ADA that is mandatory, the minimum on the CARDANO protocol is 340 per EPOCH, which we apply)

The Reward due as a result of Staking is calculated by the
Blockchain Cardano protocol and allocated directly by the protocol to the Delegator and the Stake Pool based on an allocation key set between the two.

The Reward due to the Delegator never passes through the Stake Pool.

You will have to wait between 0 and 10 days after delegating your rights for your first rewards to arrive.

After waiting for the initialization period, you will receive the following rewards each cycle (approximately 5 days).

Delegated ADAs are not locked in and remain available to you while you earn rewards. You can transfer your funds at any time.

For all tax and accounting questions, do not hesitate to contact a specialist accountant such as Fabrice Heuvrard ([email protected]) or the services of

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