Staking consists in using one’s cryptocurrencies in order to participate in the network’s security and governance. By delegating to the validating nodes operated by SmartNode, the bearer is remunerated directly by the protocol in crypto-currencies

Staking is similar to a savings account in a traditional bank except that you retain ownership of your assets

Why delegate to SmartNode?

Earn interest

By delegating your cryptocurrencies to a validating node via the staking mechanism, you are rewarded directly by the protocol for your participation in the network. The amount of reward (interest) varies between protocols

Retain ownership of your assets

When you delegate your cryptos, you do not communicate your private key at any time, which allows you to keep the ownership of your cryptos and to dispose of them

Be a player in the governance and security of networks

Thanks to staking, you contribute to the security and decentralisation of the Blockchain network.The higher the percentage of staked assets in the network, the more difficult it is to attack it.

Supporting SmartNode

By delegating to SmartNode, you support an independent team of researchers and enthusiasts who contribute to the research of PoS protocols.

How to delegate
and receive rewards?

Option 1

Delegate from your wallet / ledger

Directly from your wallet / ledger, simply delegate your rights to the address indicated

Option 2

Use EasyWallet

Easywallet is a crypto payment solution at the point of sale and online. You will soon be able to delegate your cryptocurrencies directly in the application

Option 3

Use Zebitex

Zebitex is a French exchange that allows you to delegate your tokens directly on its platform

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